10kw-1000kw sewage treatment biogas power plant

Rated Power10-1000kw Biogas Generator with Circulating Water CoolingCore Features:Manufacturer supplyPower supply range:10kw - 1000kwContinuous supply range: 8kw -1000kwStandard component and assemblyMulti-option of control panelWith CE and ISO certificateNatural gas generator specification: Power factor:  0.

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Rated Power10-1000kw Biogas Generator with Circulating Water Cooling

Core Features:
Manufacturer supply
Power supply range:10kw - 1000kw
Continuous supply range: 8kw -1000kw
Standard component and assembly
Multi-option of control panel
With CE and ISO certificate
Natural gas generator specification: 
Power factor:  0.8
Rated Voltage and Rated Frequency:  400V/230V, 50/60HZ
Voltage Stabilized Regulation:  ≤ ± 1.5%
Frequency Fluctuation Ratio:  ≤ ± 1%
Insulation Class:  H
Fuel: natural gas, CNG,LNG,methane.  biogas , biomass gas, coal bed gass, coal oven gas,coal gas

gas generator parameter:

 Biogas generator list
 Genset Mode Prime power Continuous power Engine Mode Displacement 
 LHBG10 10kw 8kw LH2100 1.80L 
 LHBG20 20kw 16kw  LH4100 3.61L
 LHBG30 30kw  24KW LH4105 4.32L
 LHBG40 40KW 32KW LH6105 6.45L
 LHBG50 50KW 40KW LH4135 8.58L
 LHBG60 60KW 48KW LH4135 8.58L
 LHBG70 70KW 56KW LH6135 12.8L
 LHBG80 80KW  64KW LH6135 12.8L
 LHBG90 90KW 72KW LH6135 12.8L
 LHBG100 100KW 80KW LH6135 12.8L
 LHBG120 120KW 96KW  LH12V135 25.75L
 LHBG140 140KW 115KW  LH12V135 25.76L
 LHBG150 150KW 120KW LH12V135 25.75L
 LHBG180 180KW 144KW LH12V135 25.75L
 LHBG200 200KW 160KW LH12V135 25.75L
 LHBG250 250KW 200KW LH12V190 35.75L
 LHBG300 300KW 240KW  LH12V190 35.75L
 LHBG350 350KW 280KW LH12V190 35.75L
 LHBG400 400KW 320KW LH12V190 71.45L
 LHBG500 500KW 400KW LH12V190 71.45L
 LHBG600 600KW 480KW LH12V190 71.45L
 Parameter of biogas generator 
 Rate Voltage 400V/230V
 Phase 3Phase  4 wires
 Rate Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
 Power Factor 0.8
 Voltage Regulating Range 95%-105%
 Voltage Steady State ≤±2%
 Voltage Transient State ≤±10%
 Voltage Settling ≤1S
 Voltage Volatility ≤±0.5%
Frequency Steady State Regulation Rate ≤0.5%
 Frequency Transient State  Regulation Rate ≤±10%
 Heat Consumption 9.8mj/kw.h
 Pressure 5-20kpa
 Intake Mode Natural intake
 Sparking Mode Sparking plug
 Voltage Regulation Mode automatic
 Speed Regulation Mode Electronic speed regulation
 Lubricating Mode Pressure and splash
 Cooling Mode Closed/open circulating water cooling
 Starting Mode 24V electric motor
 Overhaul Time ≥20000h
 Noise ≤105aB(A)
 Exhaust Temperature ≤650°C

(Single set power supply range: 10 - 1000 kw, ≥2 sets parallel together to form large power, Eg. 600kw*2 sets = 1200 kw)
Machine supply details:
Ignition system:We adopt ignition system of magneto which produced by American ALTRONIC company,including:magneto,high-tension coil,sparking plug.
Starting system: DC24V electric motor,12v190 adopt ST710 of direct-current.
Pressure charging system:Pulse Mixed-flow  supercharger, compression ration is  1:8,meet engine's  requirement   for gas-flow rate.
Speed regulating system: EGS gas controller of American WOODWARD Company.   

Features of our generator:  
1.Pure copper water tank for best cooling effect 
2.Famous component brand to ensure overall quality, Eg. Siemens,Standard, Stanford.
3.Expansion fitting combined with shrinking fitting give high tightness to the system. 
4.Safety guarantee form electromagnetic valve as well as back-fire relief valve 
5.Residual heat CHP recycle system available for choice.

1. Are you factory? and where is your factory?

Yes, we are. Our factory is located in Zhangqiu Longshan subdistrict, Jinan city, Shandong province, Welcome to visit our factory.

2. How to choose the right model?
To choose a right model, we need to know required continuous output power, local voltage and frequency and fuel (such as diesel, natural gas, biogas, biomass gas, coal gas, syngas, etc.). For biomass power plant and coal gas power plant, some clients may doesn't have gasification system, then we need information about raw material.
3. What's the genset warranty?
The warranty is one year. We will offer free service and spare parts during warranty period. Lifetime service will be provided by our trustworthy after-sale team.
4. How to do the maintenance?
Operator training will be provided by our technician. After training, local operator can do the basic maintenance by themselves according to our maintenance manual.
5. Will be operation training offered?
Yes, operator training would be conducted by our technicians during the process of commissioning or factory training course in China.
6. What's about the installation and commissioning?
Installation and commissioning of the genset would be instructed assisted by our technicians on site.

7. What is your regular delivery time?
30 days after order releasing.

10kw-1000kw Waste Water Management Biogas Power Plant


10kw-1000kw Waste Water Management Biogas Power Plant

10kw-1000kw Waste Water Management Biogas Power Plant
10kw-1000kw Waste Water Management Biogas Power Plant

10kw-1000kw Waste Water Management Biogas Power Plant


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