Renewable energy biogas generator customized made in China

Renewable Energy Biogas Generator customize made in China The purification of wastewater produces leftovers: sewage sludge and sewage gas, valuable residues of wastewater treatment and also raw materials that can be used in energy generation/power generator. Using sewage gas to reduce our own energy costs. Large quanti

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Renewable Energy Biogas Generator customize made in China

The purification of wastewater produces leftovers: sewage sludge and sewage gas, valuable residues of wastewater treatment and also raw materials that can be used in energy generation/power generator.
Using sewage gas to reduce our own energy costs. Large quantities of energy-rich sewage gas are produced in the digester tanks of sewage treatment plants during the final step of wastewater treatment. This gas can be used as fuel for engine cogeneration units, which produce both electricity and heat simultaneously.
Sewage gas as an innovative raw material. After processing to produce gas of natural gas quality or hydrogen, sewage gas can be used for many purposes, such as fuelling vehicles, heating buildings and supplying them with power.
Sewage sludge as an energy source and raw material. Besides sewage gas, sewage sludge is also an important raw material. It can either be incinerated to generate electricity or be used in agriculture and landscaping. Because it contains valuable trace elements, such as phosphorus, sludge is suitable for use as a fertilizer. Some sewage sludge is used on agricultural land, subject to strict legal conditions, and small quantities are used in landscaping.

Renewable Energy Biogas Generator Customize Made in China
Zichai is one of biggest manufactures and suppliers for gas engine generation/Power plant in China. Our generators enjoy hot markets more than 70 countries all over the world. Biogas engine Generation can be driven by world famous gas engines, coupled with Stamford, Leroy Somer, Siemens or Marathon alternators, power ranging from 20kva upto 4000kva. 
Power gas power generators enjoy hot ready markets in domestic markets and overseas markets including South Africa, South America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia countries etc. By adopting gas generators concerning technologies of Mixer, Ignitions System, Governor System from WOODWARD, HEINZMANN, ALTRONIC, IMPCO and equivalents, our gas generator set can run at highly steady & credible performance, easy for maintenance, much longer life-span and very economic in price based on wonderful quality.
Main Machine Configuraiton and Key Parts of Sewage Biogas Engine Genset
Gas EngineCNPC 190, MAN, MWM-DEUTZ, Low Speed 300 Series
AlternatorSiemens, Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon
Governor/ActuatorUSA Woodward, Germany Motortech, Germany Heinzmann
Ignition ControllerAltronic, Motortech, AFS
Spark PlugsBosh, NGK, Motortech, STITT
MixerUSA Impco, Woodward or Heinzmann
TurbochargerABB or Equal
IntercoolerGermany GEC
Control Module:Deepea DSE7320/8610/8620, ComAp AMF25/IG-NT or Smartgen 6120/9510
Optional Device:
Steel Soundproof Container (sound attenuated canopy)
ATS and Synchronization Parallelling Panel
Remote Control
Power Station Central Management System
PMG Alternator
Cooling Tower, Remote Table Radiator
Oil and Water Heater
Muffler and Pipes
High Voltage Alternator 6.3kv and 10.5kv, High Voltage Electrical Control Cells (PT Cabinet, CT Cabinet, High Voltage outgoing cabinet, DC Panel, Groud Resistance Cabinet and low voltage distribution cabinet etc)
Biogas Quality Requirements
• The content of CH4 ≥40%
• changing rate 2%/min
• Gas Temperature 40ºC
• Pressure of biogas: 7-20kpa, rate of pressure change 1kpa/min
• H2S200mg/Nm3
• NH320mg/Nm3
• Moisture Content40g/Nm3
• Impurity particular5um, Impurity content 30mg/Nm3

ItemTechnical specification
Cylinder diameter*stroke (mm)105*130114*135126*130126*155127*165152*180170*200200*210
Rated speed(r/min)15001500150015001500150010001500
Rated power (kW)50100150200250300300400
Rated thermal consumption(MJ/kW·h)1111111111111111
Oil consumption(g/kW·h)
Power factor(COSΦ)0.8 (Lagging)
Phase and connecting 3phases 4wires
Start mode24V Electric motor
Dimension(mm) (L×W×H)2100*820*15002300*850*15502900*1000*15003200*1200*16003400*1200*16003500*1500*19704500*1400*22004000*1300*2000
400kw-1500kw specification
 ItemTechnical specification
EngineModel6300D/Z6300D/Z-18300D/Z-18300D/Z-2 8300ZLD/Z-19300ZLD/Z9300ZLD/Z-1
TypeInline, water cooled, four stroke, spark plug ignition
Non-turbochargedTurbocharged, inter-cooled
Cylinder number689
Cylinder diameter (mm)300
Rated speed(r/min)500600500600600600600
Rated power (kW)450550660770110013201650
Rated thermal consumption(MJ/kW·h)≤10.5
Rotate direction (From flywheel)Clockwise
Start modeCompressed air /motor startCompressed air start
Exhaust temperature (ºC)≤600≤650
Oil consumption(g/kW·h)≤0.8≤1.0
Generator setType400GFZ500GFZ600GFZ700GFZ1000GFZ1200GFZ1500GFZ
Rated power(kW)400500600700100012001500
Power factor (COSΦ)0.8 (Lagging)
Phase and connecting3phases 4wires/3phases 3wires
Dimension (L×W×H)(mm)5800×1600×29006400×1600×29006400×1600×31008500×1900×37008500×1900×3700

Gas Generator Technical Features
 Low voltage of 380V/400V/415V/440V/480V/690V, High Voltage of 6.3KV/10.5KV and other special voltages are available.
 Special requirements for Soundproof Canopy/Container, ATS, Synchronizing Parallel panels and CHP are available for your options.
 Above power ratings are based on natural gas (PNG, LNG, CNG). For other gas types such as biogas, oilfield associated Gas and Coalmine Gas etc., the engine power rating will be adjusted according to the exact gas quality.
 The data herein can vary depending on individual production requirements or due to improved technology.

Why Zichai Generator Set?
1. Development and manufacturing internal combustion engine since 1970
2. Factory area over 330000m2 & over 2200 employees
3. Highly versatile power generator with ability to handle more than 20 different gases
4. More than 200 employees dedicated to developing and improving power generator for various gas.
5. More than 1000 systems installed in over 20 countries using a variety of gases.
6. More than 50 people in the Customer Service Department making the Organization very Customer Responsive.

Renewable Energy Biogas Generator Customize Made in China

Typical Projects 

Renewable Energy Biogas Generator Customize Made in China
Renewable Energy Biogas Generator Customize Made in China

Renewable Energy Biogas Generator Customize Made in China

Renewable Energy Biogas Generator Customize Made in China

1.Are you a trading company or manufacture?
Manufacture with factory.
2.What kinds of gas generator set do you produce?
It covers for all kinds of gas produced in agriculture and industry, including biomass gas, biogas, natural gas, coal mine gas, coke oven gas, semi-coke gas and syngas, as well as related gas produce equipment.
3.What is your delivery time?
Normally within 60days, it depends on the configuration and quantity, please confirm with us before order.
4.What is your payment terms?
T/T or L/C.
5.How do you pack products?
Standard export packaging. Equipment packing with plastic bag, and with new solid wooden box, suitable for long-distance sea transportation, moisture-proof, earthquake, rust-proof and anti-brutal handling.
6.What is your available port of shipment?
Normally Qingdao port, other ports available according to customers' requirement.

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