Membrane type biogas storage hood for biogas plant

Membrane biogas storage gas dome for biogas plantMaterial: PVDFTemperature: -40ºC ~ +70ºCLife Time: 15 yearsFireproof level: B1Tensile strength: >4000N/5cmGas Storage Capacity: 50-5000m³Working Pressure for Inner Membrane: ≤2000PaWorking Pressure for Outer Membrane: 300-800PaBrief IntroductionFor this d

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Membrane Biogas Storage Gas Dome for Biogas Plant
Membrane biogas storage gas dome for biogas plant

Material: PVDF

Temperature: -40ºC ~ +70ºC
Life Time: 15 years
Fireproof level: B1
Tensile strength: >4000N/5cm
Gas Storage Capacity: 50-5000m³
Working Pressure for Inner Membrane: ≤2000Pa
Working Pressure for Outer Membrane: 300-800Pa

Brief Introduction
For this double membrane gasholder, it's designed and manufactured by our company, so technical support, customized design, instructions on installation and other services can be provided according to your requirements. Flexible holder design and German advanced production technology are adopted to provide safe, reliable gasholder with excellent performance for customers.

Generally this independent double membrane gasholder is a 3/4 sphere, made of special processed polyester material and fixed on the cement foundation by rails. Divided into outer membrane, inner membrane and bottom membrane, the outer membrane is always pressurized to form the shape of gasholder and protect the inner membrane. As a result, rain, snow and wind have little impact on it. Then with the bottom membrane to function as foundation seal to realize the anti-corrosion, anti-leakage and easy installation, this double membrane gasholder is better than traditional wet gasholder both in performance and maintenance. Between the outer membrane and inner membrane, there's a variable-capacity airtight space to store biogas and other gases, such as carbon dioxide, oxygen etc.

Thanks to the high chemical resistance and mechanical strength of the imported materials, the double membrane gasholder satisfies the highest quality standards. With the ability of corrosion, microorganisms and ultraviolet rays resisting, the life time could be as long as 25 years.

Product Composition, Dimensions
Membrane Biogas Storage Gas Dome for Biogas Plant
1. Intelligent pressure gauge2. Air3. Outer membrane safety valve4. Inner membrane safety valve
5. Condenser6. Biogas outlet7. Check valve8. Gas holder

1) Air blower: It blows air into the space between the internal and external membranes of the gas holder to support the gas holder.
2) Check valve: It prevents air filled into the gas holder from flowing reversely.
3) Pressure gauge with electric contact: It measures the pressures of the internal and external membranes.
4) Liquid seal safety tank: It ensures automatic discharge of excess air in case of too high pressure between internal and external membranes of the gas holder.
5) Control cabinet: It automatically controls the startup of the air blower according to the pressure.

Volume of Inner Membrane(m³)Volume of Outer Membrane(m³)Diameter of the Node(m)Height of the Outer Membrane(m)Diameter of the Sphere(m)
Membrane Biogas Storage Gas Dome for Biogas Plant
1) Higher safety with protection devices
2) No pollution
3) Anti-corrosion, Anti-UV
4) Easy for installation
5) Lower cost

Note: For each double membrane gasholder, it's customized design to accommodate the client's wishes and external factors.

Project Display: 3000m³ X 2 Double Membranes Gas Tanks in Inner Mongolia

Membrane Biogas Storage Gas Dome for Biogas Plant
Membrane Biogas Storage Gas Dome for Biogas Plant
oducing, Packing & Installation

Membrane Biogas Storage Gas Dome for Biogas Plant
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Founded in 2004, Shandong Mingshuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Province, China. With a registered capital of CNY 30 million and an area of over 16 acres, Mingshuo is dedicated to the development, manufacturing, sales and service providing in environmental protection field.

We mainly specialize in organic waste treatment, biogas plant, desulfurization system, biogas purification, biogas utilization and organic fertilizer systems. As the production base of medium and large biogas equipments in China, our company is highly recommended by China Biogas Association, China Association of Rural Energy Industry, and China Import and Export Commodity Website. Our company has passed the quality management system ISO 9001:2008, environment management system ISO 14001:2004 and occupational health & safety management system OHSAS 18001:2007 standards, with professional environmental engineering construction qualification, safety production license in construction field, and qualifications of Class D1, D2 pressure vessel. Moreover, we have obtained more than 30 patents and participated in the formulation of the national standards for biogas desulfurization equipment.
Membrane Biogas Storage Gas Dome for Biogas Plant
With the unique design, professional R & D team, and pursuit of better solution, we're able to offer the most suitable and customized professional technical consulting, technical supports and after-sale services for all types of customers according to their different requirements and situations. Our products are widely used in biogas, fertilizer, coking, natural gas, city gas, food, ceramics, and other industries.

Membrane Biogas Storage Gas Dome for Biogas Plant
Membrane Biogas Storage Gas Dome for Biogas Plant
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