Plastic biogas septic tank for household sewage treatment plant

  Product NameThree-chamber Septic Tank/Sewage Treatment Tank  Capacity0.6m3/0.8 m3/1.0 m3/1.2 m3/ 1.5 m3/ 2.0 m3 /2.5m3  MaterialHDPE+PP  Color BlackSupply Ability10000 Sets per MonthStyleUnderground TypeHorizontal Sedimentation tank Sedimentation30days Place of OriginAnhui, China (M

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  Product Name

Three-chamber Septic Tank/Sewage Treatment Tank


0.6m3/0.8 m3/1.0 m3/1.2 m3/ 1.5 m3/ 2.0 m3 /2.5m3





Supply Ability

10000 Sets per Month




Horizontal Sedimentation tank



 Place of Origin

Anhui, China (Mainland)

Standard configuration per set

The upper &bottom shell +partition board+ elbow pipe+ covers+ screws nuts+ foam sealant

High quality plastic septic tank

  Our plastic septic tank consists of three pools which are connected with the middle, by soil pipe unicom, mainly by anaerobic fermentation.

Manure into the dung tube into the first pool in turn to the third pool. The main function of the three pools followed by interception precipitation and the fermentation tank , re fermentation pool (the second pool) and tanks (the three pools).This product by PP polymer plastic by an injection molding of domestic advanced computer injection molding machine is alternatives to traditional septic tank, good sealing performance, high strength, countries for the promotion of environmentally friendly products.
Home Sewage Water Treatment Plant Plastic Biogas Septic Tank


Plastic Septic Tank Application

1. Industrial Water Treatment with multi-layer media
2. Water Softening
3. Centralized Filtration System for high rise residential and commercial buildings such as residence, high rise office building, hotels and resorts.
4. Aquaculture, fish farming filtration system
5. Many other water filtration and treatment applications.
6.Grease Trap or Interceptor


Plastic Septic Tank Advantages

1.Tough texture: light and tough, easy to handle, shockproof and impact resistant.
2. Good resistance: anti-corrosion for various acids and alkalis.
3. Clean and beautiful: the appearance of the streamline is beautiful, not easy to dirty, can easily remove dirt.
4.Good heat resistance and frost resistance : It can be used at 80ºC~ -40ºC.
5. No leakage: the outlet joint uses the same material as the barrel, processed by hot-melt joint method.

Plastic Septic Tank design


This plastic septic tank is specially designed to replace the fibreglass septic tank.


It is light in weight but strong in structure. It is made by one time molding without welding and bonding.


It can be produced in different colors as per your need. It can also be done with different wall thickness.


We have 600L and 2500L septic tank in production and we are happy to develop other sizes for you.

Capacity(m³)Reference dimension(mm)Weight(kg)/pcmaterial
 0.6 1572*832*785 26 PP
 0.8 1540*980*920 30PP
 1.5 2025*1090*1139 50PP
 2 2355*1210*1165 82PP

Home Sewage Water Treatment Plant Plastic Biogas Septic Tank

Home Sewage Water Treatment Plant Plastic Biogas Septic Tank
Home Sewage Water Treatment Plant Plastic Biogas Septic Tank
Home Sewage Water Treatment Plant Plastic Biogas Septic Tank

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