Fecal sludge from a septic tank sludge dewatering machine screw press


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Operating Principle:

Concentration: When the shaft is driven by the screw, the fixed and movable multi-plate around the shaft will move relatively, and the water will be filtered out of the gaps of the relatively moving plates under the gravity, realizing quick concentration.

Dewatering: The concentrated sludge moves forward continuously along with the rotating screw shaft; The screw-pitch of the screw shaft tapers off along the outlet direction of the sludge cake, the clearances among rings also tapers off and the volume of the screw chamber shrinks continuously; Under the pressure of the outlet back pressure plate, the internal pressure increases gradually, and under the continuous ordinal pushing force of the screw shaft, the water of the sludge will be extruded and thus the solid content of the filter cake increases gradually, realizing continuous dewatering of the sludge.

Self-cleaning: The floating ring rotates continuously under the rotation of the screw shaft, and thus the continuous self-cleaning can be realized under the movement of the fixed ring and floating ring, preventing clogging that happens frequently for traditional dewatering equipment.


Special pre-concentration design of rotary disc. Applicable concentration: 2000mg/L-50000mg/L
The main machine of the multi-plate screw press contains both concentration part and dewatering part and therefore the treatment of high concentration sludge and direct dewatering of low concentration sludge are allowed. The special rotary disc pre-concentration device of Techase is better for treating low concentration sludge. The available range of the sludge concentration can be 2000mg/L-50000mg/L.

Low Capital Investment & High Treatment Effect
-need no sludge thickeners, mixers, air compressors, flushing pumps and other auxiliary equipments
-occupy smaller area

Fixed/movable rings instead of filter cloth, self-cleaning, clogging free
As for the multi-plate screw press, under the rotation of the screw shaft, the movable plate slips continuously in relation to the fixed plate, realizing continuous self-cleaning and preventing clogging that happens frequently to traditional dewatering equipment. So the multi-plate features strong oil sludge treatment capability, easy separation and clogging free in addition to clean, odor free, secondary pollution free and no more water required for high pressure cleaning.

Low speed, low noise, low energy consumption - only 1/10 as that of belt machine and 1/20 as that of centrifugal machine.
The dewatering of the multi-plate screw press is performed based on the internal volume pressure, no large-sized body such as roller is needed and further more the operating speed is low - only 2-4 r/min, so it can realize water-saving, energy saving and low noise. The average energy consumption is only 1/10 as that of belt machines and 1/20 as that of centrifugal machines and the unit power consumption is only 0.01-0.1kwh/kg-DS.

Full-automatic control, easy operation and management
The multi-plate screw press is provided without filter cloth and filter openings which are liable to clogging, so the operation is easy. The process is settable according to the operation schedule of the customer and based on the automatic control system, realizing full automatic and unattended operation.

Applicable Fields:
The multi-plate screw press can be widely used in municipal waste water treatment engineering as well as the water treatment systems of industries like petrochemical processing, light industry, chemical fiber, paper-making, pharmacy and leather etc. The multi-plate screw press, as proven by the practical operation, can help to realize considerable economic and social benefits for customers.


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