Factory direct sales of biogas residue organic fertilizer production line

                                         3T/H organic fertilizer production line NoNameInstalled Capacity (kw) 

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                                         3T/H organic fertilizer production line
NoNameInstalled Capacity
  1.Biogas residue processing equipment42.5kw
  2.3T/H organic fertilizer production,drying and  packing equipment145.9kw

Organic fertilizer process description
1.Fermentation process
1.1 Fundamentals
Aerobic fermentation is under aerobic conditions, aerobic microorganisms through their own catabolism and synthesis of metabolic processes, part of the decomposition of organic matter into a simple inorganic, from which the energy required for microbial metabolism, while part of the organic synthesis of synthetic New cellular substances that allow microbes to grow and multiply, producing more organisms in the process. The result of the fermentation is that the organic matter in the waste is converted to a humidified direction with a higher degree of stabilization.
1.2 Microbiological process
The microbiological process of aerobic fermentation can be broadly divided into three stages, each with its own unique microbiological group
1.2.1 Heat production stage (medium temperature stage, heating stage)
1.2.2 High temperature stage (when the fertilizer reactor temperature rises above 45 ºC, it enters the high temperature stage)
1.2.3 Maturity stage
2.Crushing the refining process
The forklift feeds the fermented material into the forklift feeder. The forklift feeder feeds the material through the belt conveyor to the new vertical pulverizer for crushing, and the crushed material is transported to the drum sieve for sieving. (Sieve the good finished material can be directly stacked and used for granulation) Sieve the finished product into the buffer silo, the buffer silo (buffer silo in the packaging scales need to transport materials, materials, packaging scales at any time There is a certain amount of material to ensure that the packaging scale will not be blocked.) The material will be transported to the powder packaging scale for filling and packaging.

3.Granulation process
3.1 Granulation of the first process is a dynamic batching machine, the machine can be a variety of materials (ingredients machine has three positions to ten positions) in proportion to the precise delivery to the mixing belt machine (), mixing belt conveyor will match the material To the biaxial continuous mixer for mixing, if necessary to add water can be added at the same time.
3.2 Stir the right amount (40 or so) of water into the material mixing machine, through the mixing of the mixing device can be made of powder material 1.5mm-4mm particles, made of good particles into the dryer to bake Dry and dryers need heat source with hot air stove, gas stove, and electric heating.
3.3 Which hot air furnace coal burning the most economical, followed by burning raw materials, through the fan to the hot air into the dryer, the material in the evaporation of water away. After the dryer after the material also contains a lot of water, need to quickly enter the cooler, the introduction of the fan by the direct cooling of the cold and the water away.
3.4 Dryers and coolers through the wind by the cyclone dust, baffle dust can be achieved environmental standards. The cooled granule material is sifted into the drum sieve for sieving, bringing the standard granule material into the envelope machine (optional), and the unqualified material is crushed and returned to the agitator to granulate again.
3.5 Envelope machine can be wrapped in a layer of finished product coat, the appearance of beautiful and beautiful particles, (coated products used in powder and liquid two to the specific circumstances of the specific treatment) Finally, into the quantitative packing scale packaging.

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Factory directly sell organic fertilizer production line by biogas residue
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Factory directly sell organic fertilizer production line by biogas residue

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Factory directly sell organic fertilizer production line by biogas residue


Factory directly sell organic fertilizer production line by biogas residue


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